Death Instinct

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Wow! It has been a long time since I have updated my blog; since then so many new and exciting things have happened that have time-wise prevented me from sharing with you. The good news is I am back and ready to get serious.

I thought I would update you on what to expect from Death Instinct in the next few months. I have been planning new work for some time and I am about to start on new pieces for a new project.  The most exciting part is that Robert Prosser, a talented photographer will be filming my progress over the coming months. The film will be posted here on my site to-launce along side my new work. Robert has also featured me in a mini film for his own portfolio and I will share a link on my blog as soon as it is online.

So, what can you expect from my shop? I still have Heartbreak Hell, The Devil In Disguise and The Altar prints available for sale, if you would like a print then please send me an email. I am really looking forward to announcing the launch of my new prints in the coming months. I will be experimenting with my work to create new and exciting prints.

Since my last post I have been involved in a few projects and exhibitions, including Lines & Strokes with Liz Clements, Patrick Allen and Daniel Watkins. I also recently took part in the Brighton Deck of Cards, a fantastic project to celebrate artists in Brighton and Hove. Each artist got a card assigned to them and were given a free reign to create a piece of artwork inspired by their card. The deck will be launched before Christmas in Brighton and I will post a link if they are available online.

I am currently working on a portrait for a zine to celebrate Riot Grrrl, the radical independent music and publishing movement. The organisers of the projects are hoping to produce a trading card set made up of the 57 inspirational women named in the Le Tigre song Hot Topic. I cannot wait to announce the name I chose and my finished portrait, but until I get the green light I can’t say anymore.  

I guess that sums it up for now! Many more blog posts will follow this one, I promise, and I hope you will find them interesting and exciting!

Thanks for reading.


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